Vineyard zum Rosenberg – in the background the old monastery © A. Sanchez

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Rudenz Castle

The Custom house

Interestingly, the first known owner of the castle was the baron Johann of Attinghausen (1358/59), and the family Rudenz, who inherited it, where the owners of a rich customs house in Flüelen. The oldest reference of the tower dates from 1369.

The name Rudenz stuck to the building. This was probably because the family (unlike the previous owner) made the tower its permanent residence. With Johann Rudenz, the family name disappeared just before 1382. Castle Rudenz is owned today by the community of Flüelen. The Rudenz park is opened to the public, and a playground is found within the beautiful castle area.
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Just like any other castles, mysterious legends are often spun around the building. This was also true of the Rudenz castle and the castle Edlen in Seedorf, which was rumoured to be connected by an underground passage. There was supposedly a second passage towards the lake and a third one that led to the nearby building, the hotel Ochsen. On the ground, in front of the current castle entrance, three big round spots were marked until the middle of the 19th century. Despite repeated digging and replacing of the top soil, no grass would grow on these very spots. This curse was linked to an assasination of a former owner which supposedly took place on the very same spot. Through benediction and pious prayers the curse could be lifted.


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